Yess Holding Group, an integrated and diverse company located in China and facing to the global market. Since its establishment, Yess Holding Group has defined its development strategy as "1+5+N" :"1" for Think Tank Research Institute as its core support, with"5" main business sectors: Finance, Education, Health, Cultural tourism and Ecological Agriculture, as well as the "N" sectors: Real Estate Management, Engineering Services and Business Operation Management, striving to build a comprehensive group enterprise regarding modern productive forces as its core competitiveness, scientific UCD value-added as the idea of its operation, diversified  products and services as its guidance. Adhering to Yess Holding Group’s spirit "Start from the beginning and remain true to the original aspiration.", Yess integrates new forms of business, new science and technology, new culture innovatively on the basis of re-optimizing the allocation of existing products and services, trying to construct exclusive systematic ecological industry chains belonging to Yess..

    Yess Holding Group, based on big platform and network, extends the multiple industrial chains, involves in big market. The key idea of its development is "integrity, practicality, profession,efficiency", grasps ", and its spirit is “Start from the beginning and remain true to the original aspiration.” Yess shoulders the responsibility of "corporate citizen", toward the goal of "Yess Brand Impact" and and the vision of becoming a competent and sustainable enterprise group".Yess attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. The culture is like strong driving force and serves as cohesion. This culture has become a powerful force leading the growth of Yess Group and drives our company and the employees to move forward. We have actively sought new growth drivers for the economy, and worked hard to achieve self-development, and become bigger, stronger, and better in performance. At the same time, we keep strengthening our capability in innovation, enhance the awareness of supporting services development, and the awareness of offering service. Standing at the present, focusing on the future, centering on the market,establishing and strengthening the brand impact, gradually establishing the enterprise structure and system in line with the needs of the market, and it will keep moving forward toward the direction of enterprise development.

Our vision for the company is to be "a technology-based, information-based company". With a spirit of challenge, we are committed to the continuous creation of new value, strengthening our position in the markets, innovating and upgrading our technology and information. We strive for giving partners useful, innovative, trustworthy, personable and profitable service and products, bringing about a prosperous future and being an active part in the society development.
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